Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Global Warming II

So since Global Warming is one of the big topics people talk about when the environment is brought up I thought I would continue bringing facts and links to my blog for people to look at.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - EPA's website offers very good information into what is happening now, what happened in the past and almost any question you could ask about the topic. More interesting the site has links to any laws that have been passed to counteract or reduce the effects that we have had on the environment and the economic affects these laws have.

One of the topics I find very interesting is the COST reducing emissions has on companies or on us the American tax payer. My next post will try to bring to light some more of these costs that the EPA's website so cleverly hides from us under a bunch of text and other data.
EPA's Website


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  2. The cost, reducing emissions has on companies. It often costs companies millions to reduce their emissions just a small amount. Or they may have to slow down production which would cause their products prices to go up.

  3. what are cost reducing emissions?

  4. So as a company, reducing emissions might be a set back as it slows down production. If the products go up in price, they might lose potential consumers. Can reducing emissions be difficult to achieve?

  5. I will respond with a new post on the issue to explain it further. Hopefully I have find some nice graphs or articles to like to also. In the meantime enjoy the cartoons.