Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Global Warming III - The Need for Water

A liquid we all take for granted, the substance that makes life possible on our planet, water is the most important resource in the world, yet it is the last one anyone ever worries about.

Fresh, usable water is not something people in the U.S. worry about. It is available to everyone from Maine to California for only a few cents per gallon retail, and even less out of our taps. Yet with the facts stacking up that temperatures will continue to rise slowly for the next few decades and our population steadily growing, perhaps water is something we should be thinking about.

In an article on climate change economics (I'll post it at the end) the cost of doing nothing about increasing temperatures could be terrible for the southwestern U.S. As it is now, the SW State use up more water then nature can provide and geographical studies prove that at the current rate, reserves will soon be used up. Solutions ranging from raising prices on water, to better education on conservation have been brought up. Ultimately the problem still remains that the population will not stay the same and the rate of water consumption will have to go up.

What do you guys think we should do about this problem?

Here's the link for full information and things that might help our problem Water shortage

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