Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Global Warming Part I

I don't know of any other topic that has been more beaten around in the media then Global Warming. Now I don't want to stand up on a soapbox and tell you one way or another whether Global Warming is happening, not happening, a major concern, or something to be ignored. But, I do want to say, we are probably not as important as we think, that is, the earth is a diverse and massive object that we still don't understand. It probably won't be ruined and thrown into chaos just because we burn off all the oil the earth has to offer. But more on that in a later post...

So today I found an interesting article. Maybe the first one I have ever seen that puts some light on the "Global Warming Movement" that doesn't blame humans for the change. I will include the link at the end of the article, but for you, that are lazy like me, I will try to summarize it. First, the earth is twice as dusty as it was about 100 years ago! This dust is naturally occurring, not human caused, and comes from deserts and other dry soils. Next, this dust has a wide spread effect on the climate of different regions and these affects are not quite understood. Things that are known; dust blocks some solar radiation, which might mask some of the negative affects from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But on the flip side, it is a major source of iron for plankton, which are known to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

This is so important because it sheds new light on an old argument. Most of the time we just hear, CO2 this, and CO2 that, but now we read that the earth may have other variables in store for us that we haven't even considered. I hope everyone reading makes their own judgment on what is going on with the climate change issues of the day, but if you want mine, I think the earth has a plan no matter how hard we try to mess it up!

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Link: Twice as much dust article

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